Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Realistic photography!

I got bored with "realistic" photography! standard! do we have the same perception about reality! why do majority of people see things in a same way? is there only one reality or several? maybe it depends on the angle we see things! or we are watching the world from the same spot! I think you can see a scene from different angles!

Like a rolling stone

I do not have any sense of nostalgia! no good memory either! I easily forget the past! I live in present and have no idea about future. I don't think about it which makes my life easier! no long term plan, only day to day life. I don't mind changing my mind about what people call it "principles". There is no absolute right or wrong!! I love breaking habits and not having e sense of belonging! like a rolling stone!

Daily life!

I love reading, thinking and listening to other people's stories and silence! I read random articles from surgery to political sciences and philosophy. Daily excitement of general surgery keeps me amused!. I like to write about everything I see or learn but I am lazy! maybe I am too concerned about my lousy writing! who cares?I am writing in my public journal which has one reader! At least it is a good place to regurgitate my thoughts and throw them away!


"a deep friend, in the real sense of friendship. Someone who really cared about- or did not care. I am not quite sure which it is or deeply did not care about who I was . Therefore, who I was began to wither. and the less I was of who I was the better I felt! ", Leonard Cohen about his friendship with Roshi

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Buchart gardens, Victoria, BC

IMG_3045, originally uploaded by Iman Ghaderi.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Can you break this habit?

I think religion is like "cloth". There are different colors and shapes. When you are very young, your parents choose your cloths. When you grow up, you may wear the same kind of cloths or choose different style. Many people do not tolerate nudity! They say that it is disrespecting other people. Cloths are only customs. I mean you can change your cloths, modify them or even take them off. To me, religion has a similar value! People follow different religions and almost always they think it is the best way! and the rest of people are wrong at least in their spiritual lives. For example, people who believe in monotheistic religions or Abrahamic religions think that nonbelievers will go to hell.
I think that religion is like customs. People get use to it like habit. Yes, it is just a habit! you can break it. Do you think a lot when you want to change your cloths! so why it is so difficult for people to change their religion or even give it up? maybe it is hard to break this habit!
Many people identify themselves with their customs and cloths. Moreover, I think that the social pressure has a crucial role and religious belief is one of the ways that people relate to other people, their tribe, sect or community. No one wants to be a social outcast! going to hell in the next life is another scary thing!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Last week I went to Vancouver for the first time. I found it very beautiful and was lucky enough to see Vancouver sunny days. I visited its downtown, Stanley park, Lion gates bridge. I had a chance to see Victoria ( on ferry) and Butchart gardens and Whistler ( winter Olympic in 2010 will take place in this tiny city).Vancouver has its own identity that distinguishes it from other cities I have visited in Canada. It is located besides the pacific ocean, lots of green area, ..... The highlight of my trip was Bungee Jumping. I jumped from a bridge ( height of 160 ft). I have been wondering how people who commit suicide would feel when they jump. I think it is very difficult to understand their thought process. I am sure that it is not the easiest way.I will write about suicide later. Anyways,it was quite exciting!
I guess I took more than 300 photos!