Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm your man!

I knew Leonard Cohen before coming to the North America. I guess one of my friends gave me a CD including some of his masterpieces, hallelujah and suzanne and I’m your man. Last week, I saw a documentary about him. It was not as good as the one that Scorsese made for Bob Dylan but it worth watching. I was expecting to see his performance but most of the clips were by other singers. I found him very humble and likable, a poet rather than a singer in personality! I am sure you will enjoy watching this documentary especially the last few minutes with Bono.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A woman in a conservative religious community!

"Avanim, stones in Hebrew, is about a woman named Michale who is in her mid-30’s, married with a young son and working in her father’s Tel Aviv accounting firm serving ultra-orthodox religious institutions. She divides her time between her child, her husband, her work and the man with whom she is having an affair. When Michale learns of the sudden death of her lover, her life is shattered."

It is very interesting movie. It pictures the life of a woman in a conservative religious society in Israel. I think her issues are universal and many women in the world who live in conservative, orthodox religious environments are dealing with them. Self-righteousness is a common phenomenon in a way one believes that right or wrong should be defined according to his/her principles and beliefs!